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Combat the heat of summer even when you're in your vehicle. Keep your car's AC system in tip-top shape with AC services, repairs, and installations from Advanced Auto Air. You'll be happy to receive amazing air conditioning system services when you call 928-772-7464.

For specialized auto air conditioning services, visit the locally-owned business that is proud of the efficiency and speed with which we finish things. Let us pay attention to the details and make sure everything is done correctly so you don't have to. Whenever you're having issues with your air conditioning, choose us.

Automotive air conditioning repairs available:

  • HFO1234YF Refrigerant Service

  • R-134 A conversions

  • Refrigerant charging

  • Computer-assisted diagnostics

  • Temperature sensor calibration

  • Refrigerant leak repair

Other vehicle AC services provided:

  • Repairs

  • Recharges

  • Replacements

  • Belts and hoses

  • Automobile air conditioners

Auto A/C Services and Repair: Service
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